Police break up another for-profit pool party in Sicklerville, New Jersey

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020
For-profit pool parties at Sicklerville homes raise COVID-19 concerns
All is quiet along Jarvis road in Sicklerville, but on Sunday, the party was so loud and so large police came to break it up.

SICKLERVILLE, New Jersey (WPVI) -- All was quiet along Jarvis Road in Sicklerville, New Jersey on Tuesday. But on Sunday, the party was so loud and so large police came to break it up.

"The officer reported between 250 to 300 people," said Gloucester Township Police Chief David Harkins. "They actually had security working at the gate."

"They had dancers, it was clear this was not a family party. A lot of the tags were out of state, most were Pennsylvania tags," said Chief Harkins.

The homeowner likely making a profit off his in-ground pool.

"People were being charged upwards of $150 to attend," said Chief Harkins. "It was advertised in clandestine ways. We weren't aware of this party, unlike the party we had a few weeks ago, where we were aware of it in a totally different location."

The Gloucester Township Police Department has encountered a number of large, promoted pool parties in Sicklerville this summer.

On August 9th, a party on Prospect Court was broken up and the homeowner and promoter were fined.

Police say there have been at least two large parties at a Sicklerville, New Jersey home in the last several weeks.

The same thing happened to the owner of the property on Jarvis Road this Sunday.

"I'm confident that he was aware that this was an illegal party but the amount of money that he's charging and making was worth it for him to have it," said Chief Harkins.

The concern with the gathering isn't just the noise and parking issues, it's the threat of spreading illness.

"Please be responsible. It's not worth contributing to the outbreak. We're making good progress," said Harkins.

The homeowner was issued citations for noise violations, maintaining a nuisance, and littering after the street in front of the residence was covered with trash and broken bottles.

The investigation is continuing with referrals being made to the Camden County Prosecutor's Office, New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control, Camden County Health Department, the New Jersey Division of Taxation, and the US Internal Revenue Service.