Skydivers enjoy weekend of free-falling at Wildwood beach

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Monday, August 9, 2021
What's it like to skydive on the beach?
Skydivers shared their spectacular views from thousands of feet above the Wildwood beach this weekend!

WILDWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- "I've been coming to Wildwood boardwalk since I was five months old," said Timmayo Sheehan. "Little did I know I'd be jumping out of an airplane landing here right on the Wildwood beach, and what a perfect beach for that."

Sheehan is an instructor with Skydive Cross Keys, a popular destination for thrill-seekers in Williamstown, New Jersey. Once per year, they switch up the scenery by taking a detour to the Jersey shore.

"You make some of the tightest bonds with people around here and you're sharing these extreme amazing unique experiences with each other," said Jaime Miller, who takes a three-hour trip most weekends just to meet his skydiving family.

Miller considers skydiving a spectator sport and enjoys the chance to stun onlookers with the craft.

"People feel a lot of us are just risk-takers beyond belief," he said. "There's some people that like to go golfing, there's some people that like to go surfing. For us, this is what we chose to have in our life."

The event, known as the Wildwood Beach Boogie, took place this weekend and concludes its second annual festivities this afternoon. Organizers say the beach-bound skydiving will return next year. But if that's too much of a wait, eager skydivers can visit the Williamstown headquarters.

"We are open seven days a week most of the year," said Lydia Williams, who greets guests with a smile at their home drop zone. "We're just closed through December and January."

To learn more about Skydive Cross Keys, visit their website.

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