Ohio firehouse welcomes Smokey the comfort dog

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

TOLEDO, Ohio (WPVI) -- Being a first responder can be a stressful job and that's why one fire station in Toledo, Ohio brought in a new source of comfort - a furry little feel-good friend to bring some smiles, and a zen moment to our heroes.

His name is Smokey and he's one of the first comfort dogs in the country to work in a firehouse.

Smokey has really made a difference in the few weeks he's been at Station Number 5.

He's there as a pal and a pick-me-up for the men and women in uniform who have some pretty tough, grueling days on the job.

And this job is special for smokey too.

His owner died of cancer and he ended up at a kill shelter in Arizona.

So now he's using his second chance by helping those who know a thing or two about life-saving rescues.

The firefighters just found out their pal has Lyme disease, and are now raising money for his vet bills.