Pennsylvania moves to raise smoking age to 21

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Friday, November 22, 2019
Pennsylvania raising smoking age to 21
Pennsylvania raising smoking age to 21: as seen on Action News Mornings, November 22, 2019.

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania -- Pennsylvania is moving to join 18 other states including Delaware and New Jersey, and ban the purchase of cigarettes and other tobacco products by people under 21, although it's maintaining an exception for military veterans or service members who are at least 18.

Gov. Tom Wolf's office said he'd sign legislation that passed both chambers of the state Legislature on Thursday.

Under it, the legal age to buy tobacco products will rise from 18 to 21 in Pennsylvania, unless a person meets the military service exception. The higher age takes effect next July 1.

Tobacco products include electronic cigarettes and natural and synthetic nicotine products.

The American Lung Association says 50% of the United States' population already lives in a state or community that has passed a law raising the age to buy tobacco products to 21.