Garbage men form special bond with girl battling cancer

MINNESOTA (WPVI) -- Three sisters in Minnesota have a special bond with their neighborhood sanitation workers.

Every day they wave enthusiastically, and the two workers wave back, saying it's the moment that makes their day.

The men recently found out that the 3-year-old was diagnosed with cancer and has chemotherapy on Thursdays, meaning the sisters wouldn't be there to wave on garbage day.

So, they came up with a way to help their biggest little fans. They traded in their free garbage service and gave it to the family.

The girls' mom, Angie Evenson, says, "I started crying, it was only a few weeks out from the diagnosis. Sometimes it's hard to be positive but little things, like what Hometown did, are helping us limp along."

And on Christmas the workers had more presents for the girls and their baby brother Lincoln.

A special relationship based on a wave.
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