Texas teen suspended from summer job for wearing earring

SPRING, Texas (WPVI) -- A teen in Texas says he lost his summer job over his earring.

Sixteen-year-old Jamieson Minor was working as a lifeguard at Six Flags Splashtown.

With his very first paycheck, he got his ears pierced.

But the next day, he was told he had to clock out and not return to work until he removed the piercings.

"The HR lady explained that it is their policy that female employees can wear earrings, but male employees cannot, which I immediately told her that was a violation of my sons civil rights," says Jamieson's mom, Kelly Minor.

Mom has since called the corporate office, demanding a change to the policy.

For now, Jamieson says he was told not to remove his earrings for five weeks, so he will sit home until he can take them out, and hopefully get back to work.
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