Walking through history at Valley Forge National Park

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Thousands of people wearing patriotic colors spent their 4th of July taking a walk through history at Valley Forge National Park.

Storytellers, dressed in Revolutionary War apparel, were teaching the next generation about the origin story of America.

Guests learned about life at the site of the Valley Forge encampment, which had interactive cooking, building, and weapons demonstrations.

"I think too many people are forgetting history and they need to know what our heritage was and what the Constitution was all about," said one of the reenactors.

The day also featured a modern-day Benjamin Franklin, who read the Declaration of Independence for the crowd.

"Liberty is, as we said, inalienable. You were born with liberty, you have liberty, but sometimes, you have to fight for it," said the Ben Franklin actor. "I think what we're celebrating is our ability to join together and accomplish something for the betterment of everyone. I hope that's what we're remembering."
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