'Speechless:' Returning soldier surprises his 2 kids at Abington elementary school

ByBrock Koller WPVI logo
Friday, May 28, 2021
'Speechless:' Returning soldier surprises kids at Abington school
U.S. Army soldier Chad Wood surprised his two children at Overlook Elementary School in Abington Township, Pennsylvania.

ABINGTON TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "Speechless."

That is how Chad Wood described his reunion with his family on Thursday after being deployed overseas the past year.

The U.S. Army soldier returned home to Abington Township, Montgomery County from his deployment in Kuwait.

But two very special people in his life were unaware of his return. His two children: Ella and Luke.

The young siblings were having a usual school day at Overlook Elementary, not knowing that their father was on his way.

The kids were told someone was going to visit their school, but didn't know who exactly.

Our cameras were recording when Wood walked into his kids' class - and his two children didn't waste a moment before running into his arms.


Our cameras were recording when Ella and Luke saw their dad.

"Happy to be home. Happy to have them back in my arms again," Wood said, as he kissed both his kids on their foreheads.

But were the kids really surprised?

"I was surprised and I was happy," Luke said.

"I felt really, really surprised that he was here," Ella said.

And what was first on Ella's list now that Dad was back?

"Have a snack," she said.

The children had been communicating with their father over the phone while he was deployed. His kids prefer the in-person hugs.

"It's really glitchy on the phone," Ella added.