Center City couple surprises grandmother-to-be with sonogram labeled wine

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- A Center City couple used a rare bottle of wine to share some exciting news with their family last week and that surprise is being shared again and again.

The video shows Janis Burr closely examining the red wine after her son Andy asked her to open it.

It takes her a few minutes to realize the taped-on label was actually a sonogram, but when she does, the reaction is priceless.

"Are you kidding me?" Janis says in disbelief.

Shen then tells Andy's wife Stacie, "Sorry I said you looked tired."

Burr says the news was extra special because he nearly lost his parents recently, and after 19 years together, his mom had given up hope that Andy and Stacie would have a baby.

There is no doubt, that bottle will be used to celebrate Baby Burr coming in February.
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