Would you try an eggnog cannoli milkshake?

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Would you try an eggnog cannoli milkshake?
Eggnog: People either love it or hate it, but would you try this eggnog-cannoli mashup?

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA -- P'unk Burger in Philadelphia has released the Eggnog Cannoli Milkshake for the holiday season.

The restaurant is known to be a healthy fast food option in the city that uses local ingredients whenever possible, and the Eggnog Cannoli Milkshake is no exception.

The ice cream used in the shake is from local ice cream staple, Bassets; and the cannoli shells are right down the street from the Italian Market.

Customers coming into the shop get the shake knowing that they already love eggnog, while others are more apprehensive. Would you try the Eggnog Cannoli Milkshake?

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