VIDEO: Bear cools off in pool as record heat sweeps SoCal staff KABC logo
Monday, June 20, 2016
VIDEO: Bear cools off in pool as record heat sweeps SoCal
A bear cooled off in a Bradbury pool as record-setting heat swept through Southern California.

BRADBURY, Calif. -- Many in Southern California found ways to beat the record-setting heat that swept through the region over the weekend, and that wasn't just limited to humans.

ABC7 viewer Marilyn Di Filippo shared video of a bear taking a swim in her swimming pool in Bradbury on Sunday.

Shannon Lievense said she was visiting her parents' home for Father's day when she noticed some footprints near the pool.

That's when she spotted the bear run from around the corner and jump into the pool.

"He continued to play around for about 20 minutes. We watched him play with the different rafts and my baby's pool toys," Lievense said.

Lievense said bears frequent the San Gabriel Valley neighborhood, and residents know to give them space.

As scorching temperatures set in on Father's Day, red-flag and excessive heat warnings were in place for mountain areas in Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties.

Temperatures in the Palm Springs area reached nearly 120 degrees. The heat was expected to linger in the region through Tuesday.