Canadian man goes viral for spaghetti scissors hack to cut down eating time

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Need to eat spaghetti quickly? This man went viral for his spaghetti scissors hack
"Beats curling around a fork!" A man in Canada didn't have much time to eat his dinner before heading back out to work. So he came up with this spaghetti-eating hack.

Canada (WPVI) -- A snowplow operator in Canada captivated the internet with his time-saving spaghetti-eating hack.

Dean Prince's wife, Judy, posted a video oh him on Facebook using a fork-and-scissors combination to consume a plate of spaghetti.

Dean was only able to stop home for a few minutes before he had to head back out and continue to plow snow, so he needed to eat as fast as possible.

His wife said it was a surprise when he got out the scissors.

The video has been viewed millions of times.

The couple has found humor in the rise to viral fame and can't believe all the attention one man's effort to eat his spaghetti is getting.

His wife started a Twitter account for him- Spaghetti Scissors Man.

People are posting their own spaghetti-eating videos.

Dean wants everyone to know he thoroughly cleaned the scissors before beginning to eat.