Trying the new sports gear - without injuries

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Monday, December 26, 2016

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WPVI) -- You & your kids may be anxious to try out the new winter skates, skis, or snowboard gifts, but don't do it without the proper safety gear.

First, only use them on designated ski or boarding slopes, not just a spot that looks OK.

There can be hazards lurking just under the surface.

And always wear protective goggles, glasses, and the right helmet for the sport - not just a bike helmet.

First-timers should get training classes, too.

"Start group lessons, or if you as a parent know, know those sports, teach them those sports before just letting them try it out," says Dr. Purva Grover, of Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

Also, be sure to dress properly for winter sports, not just standard outdoor clothes.

And wear sun protection, including sunscreen and sunglasses.