Pa. congresswoman highlights threat spotted lanternflies pose to beer, wine industry

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Monday, April 5, 2021
Congresswoman highlights threat spotted lanternflies pose to beer, wine industry
A Pennsylvania congresswoman is highlighting the threat that spotted lanternflies pose to the beer and wine industry.

KENNETT SQUARE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Pennsylvania officials are trying to get ahead of the destruction that comes along with the seasonal infestation of spotted lanternflies.

Representative Chrissy Houlahan visited Braeloch Brewing in Kennett Square on Monday to highlight the damage done to businesses by the bug.

The spotted lanternfly likes "hops," a key ingredient in beer. And they like grapes, as well, which could have a big impact on wine production.

"When spotted lanternflies are feeding on grapevines, we are seeing a reduction in yield, we are seeing a reduction in fruit quality, and in some cases we are seeing complete vine death," said Houlahan.

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A Montgomery County, Pennsylvania family is combatting the increase spotted lanternfly problem with a trap made of rubber and netting from his 3D printer.

Many grape growers say that spotted lanternflies are causing them to rethink their future in the industry.

Representative Houlahan is heading up a bipartisan effort to eradicate the invasive species.

Residents are reminded to squish spotted lanternflies to prevent them from spreading.