Steinert High School baseball player Danielle Moser stands out by fitting in

Friday, June 4, 2021
Hamilton Township baseball player stands out by fitting in
Danielle Moser is a 14-year-old Steinert High School freshman who just likes baseball more. She says she gets weird looks, but she knows she has the full support of her team.

HAMILTON TWP., New Jersey (WPVI) -- Steinert High School in Hamilton Township, Mercer County has a rich baseball tradition.

The talent filters down to its freshman team. And there, you'll find Danielle Moser who wears number 15. She stands out because she fits in.

Moser tells Action News, "Sometimes people give me weird looks, they talk about it, but my teammates usually support me and it's really fun."

Her coach Mike Pallitto says, "She earned her spot, not because of her gender, she earned her spot because she was good enough to play."

The 14-year-old has been playing baseball most of her life.

The obvious question? Yes, she tried softball, she's just not a fan.

"I just liked (baseball) better. Less drama, the game is more complex in a way, the rules are different, bigger fields --- makes it harder," said Moser.

And besides, she's pretty good at baseball. In fact, she's the only girl in the 73-year history of her little league to hit a home run over the fence.

Between high school, her local Babe Ruth league, all-stars, and travel tournaments -- all teams where she's the only girl -- she plays up to 10 games a week.

Has she ever encountered boys who maybe gave her a hard time or think it's unfair that a girl has taken their spot?

"All the time. There's always one on the team," she says. "I sorta just do my thing and ignore it."

Coach Pallitto says when they play other teams, "You hear a whisper, 'It's a girl!' And you see her and, she plays."

And she plays with courage, forging her own path rather than taking the easy way by following the crowd.

"It does take a level of guts to be willing to stick yourself out there and know that if you fail it's because you're a girl," Pallitto says, "and that's a gutsy move."

What kind of lesson is there for girls who might be watching this that want to get into something that's dominated by boys?

"Practice, practice, practice. Work hard and believe in yourself and don't listen to anyone who says you can't do it," said Moser, who one day hopes to play baseball in college.