Jackson Township police release video of suspect in string of burglaries in 55-and-over communities

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Jackson Township, New Jersey police have released video of a possible suspect in a string of home break-ins happening at gated 55-and-over communities.

In the Ring video, the man approaches the porch area of the home, looks up, and quickly hides his face when he appears to notice cameras. Hiding behind his hand, he walks up to the door and knocks. He then turns to leave, and as he does police say you can see a crowbar sticking out of his backpack.

The video is from earlier this month at the Four Seasons at Metedeconk Lakes, a 55-and-over gated community.

Then on Friday evening, a resident called police for a report of a suspicious person who claimed to be a security guard but failed to provide identification. Police say the resident's description of that person matches the man in the video. A resident in the community later reported a break-in.

"They send out notifications, I think there's been like six of them so far in this development," said Willie Santostefano, who lives in Four Seasons at South Knolls.

He says police held a meeting with residents recently to address concerns over the burglaries, which he attended.

"I just hope it stops. They're doing quite a bit around here in a lot of these senior developments," said Santostefano.

Police say there have also been burglaries at Greenbriar at Winding Ways and West Lake Mews in recent months.

A board member from Four Seasons at Metedeconk says they are also in the process of setting up a meeting with police so residents can ask questions.

Anyone with information should contact Jackson Township Police at (732) 928-1111.
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