Swarthmore College men's basketball team vying for Division 3 National Championship

The team will play in the Division 3 Final Four on Thursday against Christopher Newport University.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023
Swarthmore College men's basketball team vying for National Championship
The Swarthmore College men's basketball team is just two wins away from a Division 3 National Title.

SWARTHMORE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- For the first time in 45 years, we have no Philadelphia area men's basketball teams competing in the Big Dance. So, enter - Swarthmore College: Dancing on their own.

"You know, I didn't even know that stat, that is pretty wild. I guess that's why we're getting more attention, the only game in town left," said Landry Kosmalski, Swarthmore Head Coach.

On Thursday, the team is headed to the Division 3 Final Four in Fort Wayne, Indiana and they punched their ticket in epic fashion. The win was Swarthmore's only lead of the second half.

"It's pretty rewarding to know that the work we put in is starting to pay off a little bit. Not yet - we have more work to do," said Michael Caprise, forward.

"To make it this far is a testament to every guy's will and hard work and I'm so proud of all my teammates and coaches because we've really earned this," said Vinny DeAngelo, guard.

And the campus has been buzzing with excitement, even if Coach has been too busy preparing to notice it.

"The buzz on campus? I don't know, been in my office! I think people are really excited, especially the people that were here. And everybody I walked by today, they're like 'Congratulations!' They're excited," said Kosmalski.

And imagine if they were to win it all...

"We made a goal at the beginning of the season and we're gonna fight for it with every last inch of energy we have," said DeAngelo.

Swarthmore College will face Christopher Newport University on Thursday.