Teacher promises to let students out of final exam if Taylor Swift calls

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Monday, May 25, 2015
Teacher makes unusual contract with students
If their teacher gets a phone call from Taylor Swift, some students will get to skip their final exam.

BILLINGS, Mont. -- A group of high school students needs only a phone call to get out of their final exam this semester. However, that call needs to come from a superstar.

If Taylor Swift gives world history teacher Colter Pierce a call, he'll cancel the final exam for his students. To try to make this happen, the students took a photo of the 'contract,' which has gone viral.

"Pretty much all semester I've been talking about Taylor Swift," Pierce told KTVQ-TV.

Sophomore Ike Stoner came up with the idea, but he meant it as a joke -- at first.

"It was kind of a joke really," Ike said. "I just wanted to see if I could get more followers on Twitter."

School officials, though, agreed to the experiment, so the students posted it.

It was on classmate Ashton Jaymes Goodell's Facebook page where the post really took off.

"It got out of hand fast. It escalated quickly," Goodell told KTVQ. The post got tens of thousands of shares, and Pierce said it reached the rate of one share every minute.

As of Friday no word from T-Swift, Pierce announced on his Facebook.

Pierce said a call from the superstar is not his only motivation for the social media experiment.

"It's not so much as trying to get these kids out of their final as it is seeing that celebrities are still normal, down to earth people." said Pierce. "I think that's the biggest driving force behind this."

But time's not up yet: Pierce said final exams are two weeks away.