Single mother of three dedicated to supporting Philadelphia community

Teshona Nathaniel says her love for Philadelphia is what drives her.

ByHeather Grubola WPVI logo
Monday, October 18, 2021
Single mother of three dedicated to supporting Philadelphia community
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A single mother of three living in Philadelphia is doing everything she can to give back to the community she loves.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Teshona Nathaniel has lived in Philadelphia's Mount Airy neighborhood all her life. She's a single mother of three children and works overnight at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children to support them.

During the day she runs a restaurant called Wicked Berry Seafood right out of her own kitchen.

"My dad was a really big entrepreneur. He was like the first barbershop in Philadelphia who had 15 open chairs, so he was always opening businesses. So I just kind of like you know, crawled into his footsteps," said Nathaniel.

What's her secret to doing it all?

"You eat good, and just don't worry as much and give back," she said. "Our philosophy is every year we want to give something really big back to the community."

Wicked Berry Seafood has been open for three years, and each year Teshona dedicates a percentage of sales right back to the community.

"Last year for Thanksgiving, we actually fed over 200 people," said Nathaniel.

Next, Nathaniel set up a stand in front of her father's barbershop, giving away book bags for children going back to school. And right now she's raising money to put together suitcase care packages for children moving around in the foster care system.

"I was adamant about every case having a journal because I feel like going through that you should be able to express yourself. And if it's not by writing, or you know, sketching, you should just be able to kind of like put down your thoughts and feel hurt," said Nathaniel.

She says her love for the city of Philadelphia is what drives her.

"Hopefully somebody watches it and says, I want to do something like this," said Nathaniel.

Tell us about the person or organization that is doing great things in your community.