Shoppers gather supplies for Thanksgiving dinner

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Shoppers in North Philadelphia cling to tradition in this uncertain time
For many some traditions will continue to go on this Thanksgiving, including an annual stop at some cherished local businesses.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia's North 22nd Street was bustling on Wednesday with shoppers preparing for Thanksgiving Wednesday morning.

"They've got some good cakes here," said Zinna Davenport of North Philadelphia, who just picked up her order from Denise's Bakery in North Philadelphia.

Davenport added, "Me and my family having Thanksgiving home, so I'm ordering my cakes now. So I'm about to go home and start cooking."

At Denise's, customers were snapping up sweet potato pies, pound cakes, and all sorts of goodies.

"I ordered a German chocolate cake for Thanksgiving, and I'm going to get some pies and rolls for the family for the dinner tomorrow," explained Gary Kemper from North Philadelphia.

Brett Jones of North Philadelphia said, "Today being my birthday, my mother-in-law ordered me a strawberry shortcake, and I'm here picking up my own cake. Alright, but my plan is to stay home."

The bakery brought in additional staff and made some changes to make sure everyone stays safe.

"We had to reconfigure the store and reconfigure our operations, but we're still grateful that we are here, and that the customers are still coming," said Keshia Davis of Denise's.

Cynthia Benson added, "With the new restrictions, we're only allowed to have one customer in the store at a time, so we've really been promoting again our online platform, preparing the orders and having a pick-up only line."

Along North 22nd at Dave's Meat Market, customers were placing their orders at the longtime neighborhood staple.

"I just want some turkey wings because I don't want to do a turkey being as though it's a pandemic, and you can't have a lot of people in your house," said Tyeisha Hampton of North Philadelphia.

Troy Baylor of North Philadelphia said, "Dave's is one of the neighborhood supermarkets- have been here for years. We support it with everything."

Turkey wings, chitterlings and turkeys are among the most popular items, according to co-owner Leonard Pell.

"The smaller turkeys are more in demand than the larger turkeys," Pell explained. "It's been rough. Supplies are short, but we're doing the best we can. Gotta make everyone's Thanksgiving is worthwhile."