Caelynn reveals past sex assault to 'Bachelor' Colton on one-on-one date

ByJennifer Matarese WPVI logo
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

NEW YORK -- Week four began with Chris Harrison mixing up Alabama Hannah and Caelynn as he said, "Hello," to the group. Hannah then told Chris she was emotionally drained and felt like it was very tough with Caelynn. She admitted that she survived, "By the hair on her chinny, chin, chin." Chris announced to the group of women that they would all be traveling to Singapore and meeting Colton there.

Colton arrived in Singapore before the women and had a bit of alone time to reflect on the drama between Caelynn and Hannah. He decided to just accept that they don't get along and he wanted to move on with exploring his relationships with all of the remaining women. The first date card arrived and it read, "Tayshia, Let's fall in love." She was elated to get a one-on-one date.

Colton admitted that his relationship with Tayshia wasn't as far along as some of the others, so he wanted to see if they could catch up. They walked hand-in-hand to a beach where they accidentally soaked their sneakers when a wave crashed up. Then, Tayshia found out what the "fall" part of their date card meant. It was bungee jumping on the beach! But instead of getting to go together (memories of Jake and Vienna anyone?) they went single style. Tayshia couldn't believe Colton did it and said his scream sounded like a little girl. But, Tayshia was brave and jumped! They were on an adrenaline high and took their energy to the beach where they did some passionate kissing and sat down on a blanket to talk.

That evening Colton and Tayshia sat down to see if romance could continue to bloom. He told her that he appreciated her confidence and he told her he wanted to know more about her and how she's so happy. She said she's just a genuinely happy person but that there is a lot to her. She was married to her first boyfriend and has been divorced now for about a year. Tayshia said that you can't make someone want to be married, and she hopes to find love again. Colton gave her the date rose and they kissed high up above in a giant Ferris wheel.

Another date card arrived at the hotel and it read, "Hannah G., Elyse, Kirpa, Sidney, Heather, Onyeka, Tracy, Nicole, Demi, Courtney, Katie, Cassie, and Hannah B., Let's get a taste of Singapore. Demi ran up to Colton first and lept into his arms. She was at the forefront on the whole date. She wasn't letting any of the other women have a turn to hang out with Colton as they walked through the marketplace exploring Singapore. Then they all went into a leach therapy house. Colton gave it a try, so did Demi, Alabama Hannah, and a few others. Funny enough, a fortune teller told Colton that Cassie was his past-life sister. Alabama Hannah had a hard time getting Colton's attention though and really started to unravel a bit on the date. They all sat down and tried some of the local delicacies, and Alabama Hannah ate a fish eye! It really seemed very gross.

For the evening portion of the group date, they gathered for a cocktail party in a swanky location. Alabama Hannah pulled Colton aside first to talk. He held her hand while she asked him if he still trusted her character. He told her that he's ok with her and he felt like he got "his Hannah back" on the date earlier that day. They sealed the deal with a kiss. Hannah left the conversation feeling much better.

Cassie and Colton talked about how even though they were apparently brother and sister in a past life they still want to make out with each other in this life. Colton joked that he takes fortune tellers very seriously. Then he told her, "That's not a kiss that a sister would give." It was hilarious. They seem to get along very well. They are very likable together!

Courtney watched the other women give Colton gifts during their time and have witty conversation, but she just felt like she couldn't get out of her own head. Demi was very annoyed with her and said it's Courtney's own fault. She had made zero effort to talk to Colton and just waited for him to come to her. But he never would. Demi used her time with Colton to tell him that her mom got released from prison that week. That pretty much floored Colton. He said, "Wow." I mean, what else can he say? Courtney continued to sit there and stew so Demi decided to go back to him and tell him thank you for the conversation they had earlier. Courtney was furious that Demi got double time and told her that she was immature and told her that she carries herself with class, unlike Demi. Demi was furious! Courtney got zero time with Colton, she wasted her time arguing with Demi. Colton decided to give the group date rose to Demi! Courtney just sat there and shook her head. She sobbed after Colton left and said that she just feels like she should go home.

The next day, Caelynn got her one-on-one date! Colton picked her up in a Bentley to have a day of luxury. Caelynn tried on a bunch of designer outfits and Colton loved seeing her model them for him. She came back with armfuls of bags to the hotel. She showed off her spoils to the ladies and they were green with jealousy. Cassie had a hard time seeing what a great date Caelynn had with Colton. It brought her to tears.

Later in the evening, Caelynn wore a gorgeous green gown and they headed to dinner together. However, it wasn't all happy times. She felt the need to tell him about a terrible experience in her past. Four years ago, Caelynn's wine was drugged at a friend's party. She said she could vaguely remember a guy in her room, but a friend confirmed that she was raped by one man and a few others did things to her and took pictures while others watched. She did a rape kit but one hospital had turned her away, due to the time passage, the results were inconclusive. One guy did get expelled from college and the others got away with it. It's just awful. She said that she had a hard time getting through everything but her mom helped her so much even though she hid it from her for nearly a year. Colton looked like he was going to cry. It was definitely a hard thing to hear. Colton told her, "With me, you're safe." She said that she believed that and appreciated him.

Colton revealed that an ex-girlfriend was sexually abused and it was a hard situation to watch. He said that knowing her pain was the hardest thing to deal with. He said he felt, "Who am I to feel the pain when I wasn't the victim?" Caelynn said that it was hard thing for every person in her life. They shared a special moment and they were really open about their feelings with each other. Their relationship has grown leaps and bounds after this date.

Rose ceremony time! Colton gave a toast and then prepared for some one-on-one time with the ladies before he handed out the roses. Hannah G. hoped to continue their connection after their date two weeks ago. She told him that she wants them to move forward and she wants to open up to him and he told her that he wants to get to know her more. Then they started to make out on his bed! Wow. They were rolling around! They had to remake the bed after!

Caelynn decided to grab Hannah and have it out. Caelynn said that there had been unnecessary drama and she wants to clear it up. Hannah said that they had a tiff in the past and that's fine. Caelynn said the past is the past, let's put it behind us and try to have a good time. One drama ends, but don't worry Courtney and Demi are still all riled up. Demi decided to talk to Colton about the drama before Courtney could bad mouth her. She told Colton that "Courtney is like the cancer of the house." Colton was very upset about this news and said he didn't see this coming at all.

Cue Courtney! Demi laughed as Courtney walked in. Colton said that he didn't know what was going on and told Courtney exactly what Demi said. They went back and forth and Colton almost didn't know what to believe. She told Colton that Demi called dating Colton a "game." He said he was having his worst nightmare. What is the number one rule of the show, don't use your time to talk about someone else. When Courtney came back and talked to the group, Demi owned up immediately to what she said and then they had a blowout. Chris Harrison walked in and dinged his glass and told the ladies to line up.

Colton gave roses to:

1) Tayshia (Date rose)

2) Demi (Group date rose)

3) Caelynn (Date rose)

4) Hannah G.

5) Heather (Never Been Kissed)

6) Kirpa

7) Hannah B. (Alabama Hannah)

8) Katie

9) Elyse

10) Sidney

11) Cassie

12) Nicole

13) Onyeka

That meant Courtney and Tracy were eliminated. Wow, Demi squashed Courtney! That had to sting. Demi was elated that Courtney was gone. Next week, "The Bachelor" heads to Thailand. Heather is after her first kiss, will she get one? Alabama Hanna professes her love and Elyse apparently makes a really bad mistake. I wonder what it could be. Next Monday can't come soon enough.