'The Bachelor' Colton helps one woman experience 'a first'

ByJennifer Matarese WPVI logo
Tuesday, February 5, 2019

NEW YORK -- Colton and the remaining women touched down in Thailand this week. We began with our "Bachelor" showering outside on the beach. It's like a lush paradise where they are all staying. They didn't get to enjoy it for too long before a date card arrived. It read, "Heather, Let's experience something new." Could that something new be a first kiss for Heather? Let's hope so!

Heather ran to Colton's waiting arms and latched onto him with her legs. She doesn't seem that shy after all. They boarded a Thai boat where Colton seemed a bit handsy! He was touching her legs and had his arm around Heather. They got off the boat on a floating city where they did some marketplace shopping. They seemed to be getting along really well! She's hoping he will go for a kiss.

Another date card arrived as Elyse started to meltdown. It read, "Demi, Caelynn, Hannah B., Sydney, Tayshia, Kirpa, Onyeka, Katie, Nicole, Hannah G., Elyse will our love survive. That meant Cassie was getting this week's second one-on-one date.

Back on Heather's date, she told Colton at dinner about her limited dating experience. She dated a guy for eight months without kissing him. WHAT?! That's insane! She said she didn't plan it that way, it just happened. Colton said that he's glad that they talked about it. Colton wants to make sure that she isn't building the moment of her first kiss up too much. He seems hesitant but on board. He decided to give her the date rose. She accepted and he asked Heather to take a walk on the beach where there was a fire waiting for them. They chatted for a bit and then there were fireworks! Colton used the moment to go in for the big kiss! It really was a perfect moment. Colton said that it left him feeling good, hopeful and on a high. He was thrilled with how their date went.

Back at the hotel, Elyse was curling her hair and crying. She decided to get all dressed up as Heather returned from her big date. She told the group that she kissed Colton and they all cheered for Heather as Elyse walked out. The other ladies were like, well she looked good - that was a statement dress. She knocked on his door and immediately told him when they sat down that she wants to know more about him and she's struggling with this process. Colton said that when he's with her they have a great connection and he wants her to hang in there. She said she wishes that she could say there was something off with them but there isn't. She thinks that he may have better connections with other women. She told him that she just couldn't accept a proposal at the end of the process after he is spending so much time with other women. Elyse said there is no way that she will get there at the same speed that the other women are and she decided to eliminate herself. As she walked away, she said that she regretted her decision and said, "How stupid am I?" This was very weird! This shook Colton and he said that now he's worried that whoever he asks to marry him will possibly say, "No."

The next day, Colton met up with the women for his group date. They went into the jungle where they saw wild animals and met up with a guide named Joe. Joe was raised in the jungle and he was there to teach them some survival skills. You had to know it would include eating bugs. Ew. Hannah B. ate a grub and Colton just pretended. He couldn't believe that Hannah would do that for him. Nicole stuck her hand into a hole and grabbed an eel and Tayshia let a scorpion crawl on her. Joe challenged them to bring food and water back in one hour. Demi and both Hannahs took a vehicle to a hotel bar, "Think smarter not harder." Tayshia stole Colton away for some kissing in the jungle and Nicole and Katie stumbled across their makeout session. Demi's group brought back water, champagne, and burgers for everyone.

For the evening portion, they all got cleaned up and prepared to talk with Colton and try to move their relationships forward. Tayshia got some time with Colton first and he told her that he appreciated her bold kiss in the jungle. She said that she wanted him to know that she's there for him. They did even more kissing! Hannah B. upped the ante by telling Colton that she's falling in love with him and that was exactly the confidence boost he needed after Elyse leaving. Before Elyse left, she told Onyeka something about Nicole. Yikes. Demi urged Onyeka to tell Colton the truth. Nicole apparently told Elyse that she is on the show only for the opportunity to get out of Miami and create opportunities for herself. So there goes that good feeling that Colton had just regained. Colton immediately confronted Nicole about what was said and Nicole cried and said it wasn't true. Tayshia said that she only said Nicole was grateful for this opportunity, she never said she needed to get out of Miami. Nicole then confronted Onyeka. It was a complete misunderstanding. They were all angry that Onyeka didn't talk to Nicole first. Tayshia is the voice of reason. Onyeka doesn't even care though, she thinks Nicole cries too much and she wants her to leave. Colton decided to give Hannah B. the date rose and Nicole never got a chance to straighten out the situation.

The last date card read, "Cassie, I'm looking for love deeper than the sea." They boarded a boat and just seemed to have a very relaxing time together. They made out in the water and just had a great time. Colton said they just fit well together and it's exactly what he needed. He said that he's insanely attracted to Cassie.

At dinner, he toasted Cassie and told her he thought it was the start of something "very, very special." I don't think they've spent more than a few minutes not kissing each other. She told Colton that she's not a virgin. He told her that the past is the past, she's safe with him and he just wants her to be comfortable. He doesn't judge her at all. They went back to his room and they were laying in bed together with the rose on the nightstand. They agreed that they felt like they've known each other forever. Wow. This was quite the date and it's not over yet. He said, "I just want you to know, I'm crazy about you."

At the rose ceremony cocktail party, Tayshia gave Colton a lantern and they floated it up and made a wish right on the beach. Nice move by Tayshia! It was very romantic and heartfelt. Demi gave Colton a "trust ring" and it meant that they would communicate openly. Things were going really well! Kirpa cleaned Colton's teeth, ew. Colton meantime said that he knows his wife is in that group of women. OOOH! How exciting! For a dose of drama, Nicole decided to talk to Colton and explain what actually happened. Colton didn't seem to really buy it to me... but he said he found her to be very considerate. Nicole added that Onyeka has been bullying her and urged Colton to stay away from her. Colton was very disturbed by the bullying claim.

Colton stole Onyeka away from the group and decided he wanted to get to the bottom of the situation. He asked her if she's been bullying Nicole. Onyeka said it was "all lies." Colton said that he prides himself on trusting his gut but he's got a lot of questions. Onyeka said she just wanted to move forward and not have negative conversations with him. This is a classic lesson on not using your time to talk about other women, for both of them. Onyeka confronted Nicole about their situation and it was just a mess. Just a girl fight and Colton could hear everything while he was trying to talk to Katie. He had to leave the conversation to break up the dispute. Colton just sat there as they continued to debate until he just got up and walked away. They wouldn't even let him interject and he got sick of it. And that's how the episode ended! We'll have to wait until next week to learn who else gets eliminated.