The competition heats up in an action-packed episode of 'The Bachelor'

Contestants take part in "The Bachelor Bowl" to win Zach's heart.

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Tuesday, February 7, 2023
'The Bachelor' contestants battle for Zach's heart in football
'The Bachelor' contestants take part in "The Bachelor Bowl" football game to try and win Zach's heart.

LOS ANGELES -- The blitz is on for Zach's heart in tonight's episode of "The Bachelor."

One of the group dates is the annual "Bachelor Bowl" football game. On The Red Carpet was exclusively invited to join in on the fun.

"I'm so excited, I don't know what to expect," Bachelor Zach told On The Red Carpet. "I know it's going to be incredibly intense."

The ladies on this date mean business because they know more time with Zach is at stake. The winning team gets extra time with Zach at the post-game cocktail party.

"I think these girls are about to get scrappy. I'm a little bit scared! I didn't realize how strong these girls are," said contestant Gabi. "We're fighting for Zach's love."

"There's the Super Bowl, the World Cup, there's the Olympics and there's the Bachelor Bowl," host Jesse Palmer said. ESPN anchor Hannah Storm, who called the football game with Palmer added, "And love. I thought you were going to say love!"

"Yes, also love!," Palmer said with a smile.

Zach was impressed with the athletic abilities of the ladies on the date.

"These women are like so fit, they're telling me their workout regimens and all this and I just remember being in the mansions eating peanut M&Ms all day!"

Genevie was the player to watch in the game. And she even admitted "this is definitely up my alley!" But more importantly, she knows it's about winning that extra time with Zach. She and all the contestants know making your one-on-one time with Zach count is key.

"I think it's just reading the room, seeing what the vibes are and getting in when I can," Genevie said.

"You have to seize every opportunity," contestant Kylee said. "You can't be afraid to go after him, find chances to talk to him, have those deep conversations and truly have that connection."

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