Theatre Horizon Offers Families a Chance to Tell Their Story in a Show

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Monday, September 28, 2020
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Everyone has a story, and now, you will have a chance to document and preserve yours as a piece of art.

NORRISTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Everyone has a story, and now you will have a chance to document and preserve yours as a piece of art.

It's a unique program from Theatre Horizon in Norristown that's pairing everyday Philadelphians with professional artists to create a work that tells their story.

Consider it an artistic time capsule of your family.

Right now, Theatre Horizon is looking for households to participate in their new Art Houses Initiative.

You can become the star of your own show that others can share in.

"I've just been thinking so much about how this is an historic moment for everyone, and yet most of us are experiencing this moment within the four walls of our homes," says Nell Bang-Jensen, the artistic director of Theatre Horizon. "There are so many stories and adjustments we're all going through as we live our daily lives. There's a lot of art in that."

Horizon Theatre is looking for at least seven households in this first go-around, hoping to capture all of the beautiful diversity and dynamics in our area.

Everything will be done virtually to keep everyone safe.

They will also send participating audience members a package in the mail that contains something that relates to your family's story.

"It might be a poem written by one of the kids in the family or a recipe," Bang-Jensen says. "It might be a deck of cards for you to use in the performance. It's something to physically interact with as you watch."

If you're interested, contact Theatre Horizon by October 15 through their website or email Nell.

The first household is going to premiere in the middle of November.