2022 Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Inspiring Women Digital Series:

Lead with Courage, Integrity & Accountability

Action News Anchor Nydia Han interviews Doreen Burse - SVP of worldwide Sales for United Airlines. They discuss the important tips and strategies for business leaders to 'Lead with Courage, Integrity & Accountability'.

How to Start a 'Mission-Driven' Business

Action News Anchor Christie Illeto interviews Shannon Schafer, Owner/Director of Inclusion Sports Performance Training - a southern New Jersey training facility that works with Neurodiverse children and families with Special Needs. They discuss "how to start a 'mission-driven' business". For more information, visit CapitalHealth.org.

Creating a Culture of Success for Women

Action News Anchor Alicia Vitarelli interviews Katy Miller, the U.S. Franchise Head for Lung Cancer at AstraZeneca Oncology, and they discuss ways for businesses to "Create a Culture of Success for Women" in the workplace.

How to combat "Impostor Syndrome"

Action News Anchor Tamala Edwards interviews the incomparable Rev. Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake, President of the Independence Blue Cross Foundation and Vice President of Community Affairs. They discussed the prevalent "Impostor Syndrome" found amongst many corporate women and how to combat it.

Best ways to "Create Balance in Your Life"

Action News Anchor Sarah Bloomquist interviews Dr. Shirnett Williamson, Medical Director of Radiation Oncology Services at Capital Health. They discuss the best ways for women to "Create Balance in Your Life" and make the most of your life after your "9 to 5". For more Information, go to Capitalhealth.org.

Strategies for Job Seeking and Interviewing Right Now

Mayra Bergman, VP of Communication of PECO, gives advice for making that next move in your career.