Top 6 dog parks in Philadelphia

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Friday, November 20, 2020
Top 6: Dog parks in Philadelphia
Jessica Boyington visits the Top 6 dog parks in Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We know it's getting cold, but you don't always have to stay at home with your pooch, there's lots to explore. For the Top 6 this week, we're heading to the best dog parks!

Of course we had to bring in the experts, my dogs, Rocky and Jake!

First stop, Green Street Dog Park in Spring Garden. It's members only with a small yearly fee. So that means it's spotless. They provide bags, and two separate dog runs. Jake made himself right at home.

In Queen Village, there's Mario Lanza Dog Park. It's quaint, quiet, and a perfect little city escape.

The Columbus Square Dog Park in Passyunk Square is a perfect getaway for South Philly fidos. The turf makes sure they stay clean, and the fountains make sure they stay hydrated. It's also situated near a play place for human children, so bring the kids!

In Northern Liberties, you'll find Orianna Dog Park. After registering your pup for play, you can bring them to a wide open outdoor space, trees, mulched grounds, and doggie play toys.

Next, we hit up Manayunk and played at the Pretzel Park dog park. Also, take note, this park is a natural dirt dog run, so be sure to bring wipes for their feet in the car.

Last stop, my boys' personal favorite, The Schuylkill River Dog Park in Fitler Square. There are two spacious dog runs, one for large breeds and one for small, and It's popular even if you don't have a dog. There are trails, basketball courts, jungle gyms and great views, all over.