11-year-old piano player hitting the right note

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Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Kid musician hitting the right note
'THE CELEBRITY KID': How Traevon Narcisse went performing for neighbors to grabbing the nation's attention.

HOUSTON, Texas -- In a community near Kashmere Gardens, neighbors gather to watch an 11-year-old boy play his piano. A 30 second video of that performance has collected more than four million views and counting. It's a video that has changed the life of Traevon Narcisse.

"He now has had bookings for different festivals, church settings," Traevon's mother, Destiny said. "We were invited to New York for the first time to the Tamron Hall show."

Traevon's passion for music started in church when he was a toddler.

"When I was 3-years-old I started playing the drums," Traevon said. "At 10, I started easing to the keyboard and at 11 I started learning more and now I'm in it."