Jersey Shore braces for Tropical Storm Elsa, multiple rescues made amid strong rip currents

LONGPORT, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Officials at the Jersey Shore warn beachgoers about strong rip currents in anticipation of what becomes of Tropical Storm Elsa.

Longport Beach Patrol Chief Matt Kelm says rescues were being made all day at their beaches.

"We had 10 on one beach and five to six on a couple of others," said Kelm.

Kelm adds they have seen strong rip currents all over due to strong winds.

"We're at 10 to 15 miles an hour, guesting up to 17 to 18 miles an hour at times coming out of the south. It has churned up the surf significantly," he said.

But that was just Tuesday. It depends on the path of Elsa, and what kind of storm Elsa is when she might get here, if things are going to get worse.

For Longport neighbor Mitch Miller, he doesn't take anything lightly.

"I lost my house in Hurricane Sandy. So a storm can happen here anytime," said Miller.

So he'll be battening down the hatches.

"Wind is always a problem. So I try to make sure there's not anything around that can fly," said Miller.

In Atlantic City, the boardwalk was packed with vacationers.

For everyone staying at least a few days, they're already rearranging plans for a potential storm.

"We are definitely hoping that the storm kind of abates and misses this area. If it doesn't our trip won't be ruined," said Quinn Brunson of Florida. "We'll figure out something to do."

Karen Johnson of Philadelphia said, "I'm staying. I'm going to enjoy Atlantic City."

Kelm says the last thing he wants to do is prevent people from enjoying the water, but depending on what Elsa does, he'll have a decision to make.

"We get it. You're on vacation, only here for a week. But in the end, we have to ensure your safety," said Kelm.
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