Arkansas mom dies in crash, toddler and infant sons survive for 3 days

A call to police in Arkansas led them to a scene they're calling nothing short of miraculous.

This is the car that was carrying 25-year-old Lisa Holliman and her two young children.

Police found it after a driver called 911 reporting that an unattended toddler was seen walking along the highway.

The three-year-old had crawled out of the wrecked car, which had been in a ravine for days.

The mother, who was ejected from the car, was dead - but the boy's one-year-old brother was still alive and awake.

Detective Nathan Greeley of the Ouachita County Sheriff's Office said, "
A three-year-old and the one-year-old being able to survive in the elements you know southern Arkansas with how hot it is the humidity we've have precipitation since then and like I said it's nothing short of a miracle God's blessing that these children were able to survive this accident."

Police are still investigating how the crash happened but they believe the boys may have been inside the wreckage for up to three days.

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