3 homes flooded after pipes stolen from vacant home in Frankford

FRANKFORD (WPVI) -- Police are investigating the burglary of a vacant home that led to flooding in the basements of three homes in the city's Frankford section.

It happened Sunday in the 4600 block of Tacony Street.

Dave McGinnis of Northeast Philadelphia discovered the mess when his heat stopped working.

"Thought the pilot light went out. Opened the basement door, see the swimming pool 5 feet of water down there," said Dave McGinnis.

The flood knocked over a brand new washing machine and hot water heater.

"Basically everything; all my tools, all of them. It's a disaster down there," said Dave McGinnis of the damage done to his basement.

The Philadelphia Water Department was called in the shut off the water.

Officials say the flooding started next door where it appears thieves cleaned out items left in the vacant home, including copper pipes.

Not only did the thieves make off with the pipes in the basement, they also ripped down the ceiling in a bedroom and stole the pipes above it.

"It's been vacant for at least 7-8 months and nobody's doing anything," said Kim McGinnis.

The McGinnises tell Action News a bank owns the vacant home and they've been complaining about its maintenance for months.

Meanwhile, their power and gas have been turned off leaving them looking for a place to new stay.

"They just said we can't stay here tonight," said Kim McGinnis adding, she doesn't know how long they will be misplaced.

Officials said it's unclear what bank owns the vacant property.

The full extent of damage to the homes is still being assessed, officials said.
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