Best, worst Valentine's Day cities for your wallet named

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Is Valentine's Day hard on your wallet?

The average American will dish out $142.31 on the holiday this year, according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation. That's up more than $8 from last year.

Between the flowers, the presents, the day's activities (and not to mention the food!), the bill can blow up pretty quickly.

The city where you live affects that total, too. Wallet Hub's "Best and Worst Cities for Valentine's Day" list was just released, so now you can see whether you're the only one in your area paying top dollar for the holiday. The list includes the 100 biggest American cities.

The rankings factor in more than just a price tag. In addition to each city's average Valentine's Day budget, WalletHub factored in options for Valentine's Day activities per capita, gift stores per capita and the weather forecast for each city. Budget weighed more heavily than the other factors.

Without the other factors, Fremont, CA, had the lowest price tags, while Miami hits your wallet the hardest.

Overall, San Francisco earned the top spot, thanks to its many gift-buying and date activity options. Seattle, Orlando, San Diego and San Jose rounded out the top five.

Here are the final tallies, with the cities ranked from worst to best.

100. Detroit, MI

99. Laredo, TX

97. Toledo, OH

96. Winston-Salem, NC

95. San Bernardino, CA

94. Garland, TX

93. Cleveland, OH

92. Newark, NJ

91. Hialeah, FL

90. Fresno, CA

89. Jersey City, NJ

88. Glendale, AZ

87. Saint Petersburg, FL

86. Baltimore, MD

85. Philadelphia, PA

84. Durham, NC

83. Mesa, AZ

82. Irving, TX

81. Henderson, NV

80. Tucson, AZ

79. Milwaukee, WI

78. Jacksonville, FL

77. El Paso, TX

76. Lubbock, TX

75. Greensboro, NC

74. Chicago, IL

73. Louisville, KY

72. Corpus Christi, TX

71. Gilbert, AZ

70. Aurora, CO

69. Cincinnati, OH

68. Buffalo, NY

67. Fort Wayne, IN

66. Columbus, OH

65. Miami, FL

64. New York, NY

63. Phoenix, AZ

62. Dallas, TX

61. Houston, TX

60. Lexington, KY

59. Indianapolis, IN

58. Memphis, TN

57. Baton Rouge, LA

56. Fort Worth, TX

55. New Orleans, LA

54. Chesapeake, VA

53. Stockton, CA

52. Chula Vista, CA

51. Richmond, VA

50. Bakersfield, CA

49. Arlington, TX

48. Santa Ana, CA

47. San Antonio, TX

46. Oklahoma City, OK

45. Lincoln, NE

44. Kansas City, MO

43. Wichita, KS

42. Chandler, AZ

41. Pittsburgh, PA

40. Saint Louis, MO

39. Anaheim, CA

38. Norfolk, VA

37. Boston, MA

36. Charlotte, NC

35. Long Beach, CA

34. Los Angeles, CA

33. Tampa, FL

32. Tulsa, OK

31. Nashville, TN

30. Raleigh, NC

29. Boise, ID

28. Las Vegas, NV

27. Madison, WI

26. Albuquerque, NM

25. Saint Paul, MN

24. Riverside, CA

23. Atlanta, GA

22. Minneapolis, MN

21. Anchorage, AK

20. Washington, DC

19. Omaha, NE

18. Oakland, CA

17. Austin, TX

16. Virginia Beach, VA

15. Reno, NV

14. Colorado Springs, CO

13. Sacramento, CA

12. Denver, CO

11. Honolulu, HI

10. Fremont, CA

9. Plano, TX

8. Scottsdale, AZ

7. Portland, OR

6. Irvine, CA

5. San Jose, CA

4. San Diego, CA

3. Orlando, FL

2. Seattle, WA

1. San Francisco, CA