Bucks County teen shares survival story after being bit by venomous snake

BUCKS COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Bucks County teenager shares her survival story after being bitten by a venomous copperhead snake.

The incident happened Saturday, June 26, while out hiking at High Rocks in New Hope.

Seven-teen-year-old Audrey Weir of Southampton said she spotted what she believed to be a corn snake.

Weir says she's been a reptile enthusiast since a small child and decided to pick it up.

That's when the snake bit her hand.

Weir then saw the signature heart shape found on venomous snakes and immediately knew she was in trouble.

"I literally got like a tipsy feeling from the venom. And slowly, I realize I'm trying to move my hand, and I can't move my pinky or ring finger," said Weir. "When I am finally in the hospital, that is when I get this fire-like pain, and they were giving me morphine, and it was not helping with the pain."

Pictured: Aubrey Weir recovering in the hospital.

She was treated at CHOP, where she received six doses of anti-venom.

Weir told Action News although the experience was frightening, she still would rather have a snake around her neck than a necklace any day.

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