Unlocking Your Style Potential: The Magic of Color Analysis

ByAmanda Brady Localish logo
Monday, March 18, 2024
Unlocking Your Style Potential: The Magic of Color Analysis
Rachel Nachmias is a personal stylist helping her clients unlock their style potential with color analysis.

PHILADELPHIA -- Rachel Nachmias, a personal stylist and color analyst, helps women not only dress better but also feel better in their clothes.

At its core, color analysis is the process of determining the colors that harmonize best with your natural coloring -- everything from the tones of your skin to the hues of your eyes and hair.

"Color season is sort of a poetic name for a harmonic group of colors that share certain properties, and they're named after the seasons of the year because of the relationship between the colors in each of the group in nature at that time of the year," says Nachmias, "The main season categories are the four seasons of the year winter, summer, spring and autumn. In the system of color analysis that I practice, we do use 12 sub seasons."

A person's season is determined through the draping process, where various fabric colors are compared against your skin.

And as Nachmias explains, the benefits of color analysis extend far beyond just clothing choices.

With a personalized color palette in hand, Nachmias clients gain a newfound confidence in navigating everything from wardrobe decisions to makeup and accessories.