Identical sisters face off in volleyball match at Academy of Notre Dame

ByTodd Haas WPVI logo
Friday, September 24, 2021
Identical sisters face off in volleyball match
The volleyball teams from Villa Maria Academy High School and the Academy of Notre Dame faced off on Thursday, but some spectators might have done a double-take.

VILLANOVA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Sisters Ava and Skyler Kelly played on opposite sides of the court Thursday night in the Villa Maria Academy High School vs. Academy of Notre Dame volleyball match.

The identical sisters attend different high schools and have a triplet sister. Ava plays for Notre Dame while Skyler plays for Villa Maria.

"We got to figure out our own identities by going to different high schools," says Skyler.

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The girls' mother, Maria Kelly, says her daughters are very competitive.

"I'm not quite sure where I'm sitting tonight. I'm thinking I may sit in the middle between both sets of bleachers, that's probably the best place to be," she said.

Villa Maria Academy High school went on to win the match 3 to 1 over Academy of Notre Dame.