Philadelphia opens 5 new satellite election offices Monday: Everything you should know

All 17 satellite offices now up and running

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Monday, October 19, 2020
Philadelphia opens 5 new satellite election offices
Five new election offices have opened in Philadelphia and will be accepting ballots on Monday and will be fully operational beginning Tuesday.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Five new satellite election offices have opened in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia City Commission announced the offices will allow voters to apply for, complete and drop off mail-in ballots.

The five new sites are in addition to the 12 sites already operating throughout Philadelphia.

Philadelphia City Commissioners announced Sunday that five new Satellite Election Offices will open on Monday, October 19.

The locations of the new offices are listed below:

  • Riverview Place, 1st Floor 520 N Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, PA, 19123
  • Joseph H. Brown School 3600 Stanwood St., Philadelphia, PA, 19136
  • Harding Middle School 2000 Wakeling St., Philadelphia, PA, 19124
  • Mastbaum High School 3116 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19134
  • Feltonville Intermediate School 238 E. Wyoming Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19120

All five of the sites will be open as drop-off offices for Monday only while staff training is completed. The offices will be fully operational on Tuesday, October 20.

Monday is expected to be busy, as it is the last day to register to vote in Pennsylvania.

With just about two weeks until Election Day, the final push is on to ensure anyone looking to take part in this fundamental right is able to do so.

"We were out here since 7:30 in the morning so we catch the work crowd. We registered over 100 people," said Philadelphia City Commissioner Omar Sabir.

Sabir and other early risers were staging near the West Philadelphia Satellite Election Office.

"We're trying to build enthusiasm in marginalized areas to let me know how important it is to vote and that we care about them and that their vote is important," Sabir said.

The message is appearing to resonate with many voters.

"It's important that everyone votes and makes their own decisions, expressing their own opinion," said Michael McGuiness of North Philadelphia.

And the numbers show Pennsylvania is voting early.

17 offices are now open across the city

ABC News reported that in the Keystone State, more than 2.7 million ballots have been requested.

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