Memorial Day at Washington Crossing Nat'l Cemetery

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Monday, May 26, 2014
Memorial Day at Washington Crossing Nat'l Cemetery
Most of those attending Monday's ceremonies have loved ones buried at the site.

NEWTOWN, PA (WPVI) -- Hundreds of people gathered for a beautiful Memorial Day ceremony at Washington Crossing National Cemetery, most of whom have loved ones buried at the site.

That includes Steven Spiller of Philadelphia whose father Thomas fought in World War II.

"He was one of the greatest persons I've ever known. He raised 6 sons and a daughter. I never met a better man in my life," Spiller said.

Spiller is proud to say his dad was a member of the greatest generation.

As is 90-year-old Neil French of Langhorne, a true example of living history.

Mr. French was recognized during today's ceremony for having served under General George Patton and fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.

Mr. French says Memorial Day always reminds him of the friends he lost and of the day he found out the war was over.

"I was south in Plzen, Czechoslovakia, out in the field, I was with the 4th Armored 37th Tank Battalion and the word came the war was over. That was May 8th. My birthday was May 9th. It was a great birthday present," French said.

Officials here also took time to honor those currently serving in the military.

People like Marine Major Dean Malik who served in Iraq and in Operation: Enduring Freedom.

"So many people fought and died so we can be free in this country and this day is when we acknowledge that people gave everything they had and never returned, and their families lost them forever, but it's for the sake of freedom for all of those of us who lived," Malik said.

We spoke to families who told us they come to the cemetery often to see their loved ones, but they say coming here on Memorial Day with all these other people is something extra special for them.