The heat is on: Philadelphia has its hottest day of the year

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Despite the heat, people around Philadelphia are still out and about for July Fourth weekend. However, this holiday is quite different as people try to social distance amid the coronavirus.

"We won't be celebrating July Fourth with a bunch of people around," said Samantha Nicolaro of East Brunswick. "We're here, we quarantine and are cautious as much as we can like we're not going near anyone."

As Friday neared triple digits, the heat combined with the pandemic didn't stop people from getting some exercise.

"It's super wicked hot but I'd say that if you stay hydrated, its okay to get out there," said Brian Work of Fairmount. "At least for me, riding on a bike, I'm making my own wind and I could never run in weather like this, it would just be too hot."

Along Kelley Drive, the bike rental business is booming.

"Because of the pandemic as I might say so, a lot more people are coming out because they don't have really anywhere else to go," said Frankie Santiago, manager of Wheel Fun Rentals.

And families are forced to improvise amid COVID-19, trying to find ways to stay cool as Philadelphia public pools are closed for the summer.

"We are trying to fill up the fill-up pool and stay outside and hydrate as much as we can and wear sunscreen," said Leigh Leonard of Fairmount.

Jas Harley of North Philadelphia called the closures disappointing. "A normal summer would be the fire hydrant, water ice and you know, ice cream trucks coming around," said Harley. "We'd be up at the pool going to water parks but because of the pandemic a lot of things have been closed."

Near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Action News found a couple who just got married.

"My hair honestly is a disaster," said Lynn Rivera. "I had to have it up in a bun at the moment because it's so hot."

Rivera said she had concerns about the pandemic but still wanted to get married.

"It was cut down to 25 people at the ceremony but we were able to make it happen," said Rivera. "Everybody, as long as they had their PPEs, everybody was okay."
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