Airport lets you feel weather of your destination before flight

One of the main concerns that air travelers have is what the weather will be like when they land at their destination. But one airport in Stockholm, Sweden has built a device that allows travelers to experience weather from all over the world.

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Called the "Climate Portal," the device located at Stockholm Arlanda Airport is connected to several online weather services, and can simulate those live weather experiences within the unit.

"The experience is unlike anything you've ever felt before," said Yvonne Boe, Communications Manager at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. "It's also a preview of where you're going, so you know if you need to get that one sweater, or an extra pair of sunglasses before boarding."

If you want to try out the Climate Portal, you better move quick. The device will only be available at the Stockholm airport until the end of August 2015, but is available to all passengers. null