Not an April shower, but an April snowfall

WHITEMARSH TWP., Pa. (WPVI) -- For a few hours it seemed like any snow storm, despite the fact it's April 2.

Just as the sun was starting to come up the snow started to accumulate.

It was sticking to just about anything.

In West Goshen Township on East Market Street, cars, the grass... everything was being covered.

Needless to say, most people have had enough.

Diamond Guilford of West Chester said, "I believe it was enough about a month ago I'm ready for spring I'm ready for you know tank tops and flip-flops."

Joseline Perez of West Chester said, "Are you tired of snow yet? Yeah. Ha ha I'm ready for spring and hot weather.

In Collegeville the flakes were as big as we've seen all season.

It put a coating on everything...the trees and power lines were covered.

But not everyone we spoke to was angered by the snow, some say they really like it. Several people we spoke to in Trooper said they do. And want it to keep snowing further into the month.

Joan Ewing of Trooper said, "I love it. I'm sorry I love snow I'm a winter person."

Guy Pico of Collegeville said he thinks snow is exactly what we need.

He said, "People stay inside too much. If they'd get out in it they'd enjoy it a little more."
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