Women in their 60s and beyond need good health care providers to help keep them on track

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Thursday, January 25, 2024
Women in their 60s and beyond need good health care providers to help keep them on track
Well Ahead Philly: Why women in their 60s and beyond need a good health care provider to help keep them on track

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We can't change our age, of course, but living a healthy lifestyle and preventive care can affect how we age. That's why it's important for women in their 60's and beyond have a good health care provider.

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Liz Bilotta admits her health is a little complicated. She was already managing high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes when a mammogram turned up a surprise.

"Which ended up being Stage 2 cancer in my right breast," she said.

Not long after treatment for that, Liz had her thyroid removed because of cancerous nodules. She credits her primary care doctor for guiding her through it all.

"She cares about my health and making sure that I'm on the right path," said Bilotta.

"Having a primary care is so incredibly important in your 60s," said Stephanie Mostone, DNP, CRNP at Main Line Health.

Mostone says handling chronic conditions, medications, screenings and maintaining a good diet and exercise can be overwhelming, so she helps sort it out.

"I consider myself their partner in that, so that we can overcome those barriers and get them what they need," she said.

For example, all women in their 60s need screenings for breast, colon and cervical cancer, along with bone mass, but the schedule or type of test can vary according to her risk factors.

Through her doctor, Liz learned that breast cancer doubles the risk of thyroid cancer and thyroid cancer raises the risk of breast cancer by two-thirds.

"I'm constantly asking risk questions with my patients, about their family history, about them personally," said Mostone.

There's also the challenge of multiple drugs prescribed by multiple specialists.

"We can sometimes see folks get too many medications that have interactions that can cause a lot of side effects," she added.

Through her primary care, Liz also found help getting down to a healthier weight.

"I actually utilized Main Line Health's medical weight management because I had so many endocrine issues. Even though I was trying to lose weight on my own. It really was not successful," said Bilotta. "Just had all my checkups and I feel great. My energy levels are great."