Cheers! Aldi announces return of popular boozy Advent calendars

Thursday, September 17, 2020
Cheers! Aldi announces return of boozy Advent calendars
This year's advent calendars could be more popular than before, that's why Aldi is giving you more than 20 options to choose from!

The holidays are near so get ready to cheer!

With so many people looking forward to the end of 2020, advent calendars could be more popular than ever this season.

This year, Aldi seems to have a little something in mind for everyone. The discount grocery chain announced it will start selling a collection of more than 20 different advent calendars in November.

Some of the calendar choices include a wine, beer, or hard seltzer countdown calendar. In the past, those have sold out quickly.

But if alcohol is not for you, there is also a selection of cheese, chocolate, or other food-themed advent calendars.

But you're not the only one who will be celebrating! There are even options for the children and pets in your life.

For a look at Aldi's advent calendar collection, visit the grocery store's website.