Clean up begins after slow-moving storm in Lehigh Valley

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The Lehigh Valley was cleaning up Tuesday after the slow-moving storm slammed the area.

Carmen Flores of Allentown and her neighbors grabbed their shovels on 7th Street.

"We gotta go to work," said Flores.

But clearing their walks was only part of the challenge.

Carmen's car was completely plowed in. Their other car was too.

"I don't know how I'm going to get them out," Flores said.

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Over on Hamilton, the snow blowers were out, as many sidewalks still needed clearing.
The plows were circling in Whitehall. Around the area, the main roads improved, but many side streets still needed work.

"The secondary roads, they're terrible. The main roads seem OK. Four wheel drive is the only way to go I think," remarked Jim McGinley of Northampton.

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Some shoveled bit by bit throughout the storm.

"We kind of did it in layers, little bit yesterday, and then waited. Little bit last night, waited, and then this morning finished up cause the township just came through, so we're pretty much cleared out already," said Mike Anderson of Whitehall.

Digging out is indeed time consuming, and it is also a long haul for teams working to clear out businesses.

"They've been going Sunday all the way into Monday. Then Monday all the way into Tuesday, and now we've got most likely into tomorrow," said Art Gamez of Allentown.

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