New Disney+ documentary details incredible success story of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck

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Thursday, June 24, 2021
New documentary about celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck debuts on Disney+
Considered to be the first "celebrity chef," Wolfgang Puck is now taking us back to where it all started in a new documentary about his life on Disney+.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- He's one of the most recognized names in the restaurant business: Wolfgang Puck.

Considered to be the first "celebrity chef," the 71-year old is now taking us back to where it all started in a new documentary about his life on Disney+ called Wolfgang.

Puck discusses his journey with Action News reporter, Alicia Vitarelli - a journey that is both fascinating and emotional.

We go back to his childhood in Austria, where he came from nothing and rose to become a household name with a star-studded culinary empire.

"As a kid in Austria, life with my stepfather was really rough," Wolfgang recounts in the trailer video. "He would say, 'You're never going to be anything. If you are a real man, stay out of the kitchen."

He says that even he is in awe of where he came from and where he ended up.

"People think it's not possible that I went from this tiny village with not even 50 people in Austria to Hollywood to feed all of the big stars, the presidents, everybody," said Puck. "I really hope that a lot of young people get inspired and obviously older ones, too."

It was Puck's desire, drive and determination to show the naysayers, like his stepfather, that he could - and would - succeed.

Director David Gelb was first introduced to Puck's magic at his West Hollywood Hot spot Spago when he was a teenager.

"Wolfgang came out of the kitchen and went to every single table," Gelb said. "He really makes the guests feel welcome and made us feel just as big as movie stars and the other stars in the restaurant. It had a huge impact on me. What an honor to be able to tell his story many years later. This is a movie that I really always wanted to see, but it didn't exist."

Puck is a life force and shows no signs of slowing down.

"I never want to slow down, I follow my passion," he said. "I'm still as passionate about what I do as ever. I want to finish my life sitting at the bar at the restaurant having a drink with some friends."

Wolfgang is streaming on Disney+ starting on June 25.

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