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Friday, July 28, 2023
Women to Watch: Christina Wallace, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Christina Wallace about her love of the arts, math and her new book, The Portfolio Life.

JAKIB Media Partners presents Women to Watch with Sue Rocco showcasing candid conversations with women leaders from around the globe revealing who they are.

"Each moment I decide to be myself, I give someone else permission to do the same." Sue Rocco speaks with Stacy Ike about her passion for journalism and how asking good questions as a child helped start her career.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Dr. Willeumier about her studies of the brain and how we can see improvements in brain health.
"I've learned that it's ok to bring my true authentic self to all aspects of work." - Sarah Burlew
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Patricia Wellenbach about her upbringing and how it helped lead her to a career at the Please Touch Museum.
Sue Rocco speaks with Women in Sports Technology founder Marilou McFarlane about her mission to ensure that the sports technology space becomes more inclusive and diverse in order to help society as a whole.
Sue Rocco speaks with guest Alethia Calbeck about how her curiosity as a child led her to a career in communications here in Philadelphia.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Ginny Hill about working in the non-profit industry and what eas her call to serve others.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Dr. Judy Ho about how her childhood and mentorship helped fuel her career in psychology.
Sue Rocco speaks with Guidewire SVP of Enterprise Operations Colleen Bashar about being your authentic self.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with trailblazing Montgomery County Court Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio.
Sue Rocco speaks with Jenna Kurath, VP of Startup Development and Head of Comcast NBCU SportsTech.
Sue Rocco speaks to Edwige A. Robinson about how she optimism to stand out from the crowd and create the life she dreamed about.
Sue Rocco speaks to Beth Paretta about her love of cars and how it fueled her career in auto sports.
Sue Rocco speaks with Jill Singer about her journey to confidence and how it helps her today working with the U.S. government with their defense and national security innovations
As a top expert today in the field of Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Alice brings her lessons learned around having the courage to say no and asking herself "why not me" in all moments she's called to lead.
Watch Alexandra Allerd talk about her life experiences dealing with Dyslexia and overcoming a sexual assault which led to her determination to help others.
Dr. Wendy LeBorgne is a sought-after voice pathologist, speaker, author, and master-class clinician regarding vocal wellness and vocal athletes.
Host Sue Rocco sits down with Heather Fortner, CEO of SignatureFD, and Emily Soloby, Founder & CEO of Juno Jones Safety Boots..
Women to Watch host speaks with Creative Ladder co-Founder and CEO Dionna Dorsey Calloway.
Writer and Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Ronnie Polaneczky tells her career story to Sue Rocco in this week's show.
Sue Rocco talks to Ric Edelman, who launched his own financial firm after an experience with an advisor left him amazed at the lack of integrity in the field.
Dr. Jo Shattuck is an accomplished athlete, coach, advisor, Neuroscientist and Entrepreneur who shares her story of overcoming self-doubt -- something we all experience.
Learn how Laurie Carter used her love of language and reading to help her escape her crime-filled community to find a career in higher ed.
Learn how Laurie Carter used her love of language and reading to help her escape her crime-filled community to find a career in higher ed.
Lisa Baird's career has been vast, encompassing years of marketing experience with Fortune 500's, the Olympics and the NWSL. Listen to her conversation with Sue Rocco in this week's Women to Watch series.
Dr. Sheila Robinson grew up the youngest of three girls and lost her father when she was ten years old. She tells her story to Sue Rocco, highlighting her ability to overcome loss, lead by example and why her glass is always half-full.
Eunice Ajim came to the U.S. from Africa at age 15 for an education and to pursue her goal of being an entrepreneur. Tune in to see how she accomplished her dreams and hear the new goals she's chasing.
"Success comes when you treat others consistently with kindness and respect." Watch as Sue Rocco interviews Tracy Gee to learn why leaving a legacy for her family is so important to her.
Listen in to Sue Rocco's conversation with the CEO of Ruder Finn and how continuing to focus on what's next has served her well.
Born in Tanzania from humble beginnings, Shelmina Abji was determined to pull her family out of poverty. And she did that, beginning with a stint at IBM. She tells her story to Sue Rocco.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with inventor and entrepreneur Renee Heath.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Susan Martinelli Shea, President and Founder of Dancing With The Students.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with ESPN's Linda Cohn, an anchor on Sportscenter and host of "In the Crease" hockey show.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Philadelphia sports and media broadcaster Devan Kaney.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Dr. Shailja Dixit and Mariekarl Vilceus-Talty.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Michaela Hoag, Co-Founder and Chair of Part the Cloud.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with entrepreneur and doctor Anna Scott.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Tracey Sameyah, CEO of Lancer Skincare.
Host Sue Rocco speaks with Sonita Lontoh, Board Director with SunRun and TrueBlue.
Sue Rocco speaks with Cornelia Samara, Regional VP of The Four Seasons Hotel.
Sue Rocco speaks with Melinda Thomas, co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Octave.
Sue Rocco speaks with Jane Golden, Founder & Executive Director for Mural Arts Philadelphia.
Sue Rocco speaks with Kate Curran, Founder of School the World.
Sue Rocco speaks with Christine O'Leary, U.S. Board Trustee at Haemochromatosis International.
Emily Bibb is the Co-Founder of Breef
Sue Rocco speaks with Katie Fitzgerald, President and COO of Feeding American.
Sue Rocco speaks with Karith Foster, a Diversity Engagement Specialist and creator of the groundbreaking INVERSITY methodology.
Steve Koepp, co-Founder of From Day One
Prachi Modi is the CEO and Founder of Meraki 3 Ventures.
Margo Weishar, MD is the founder and lead dermatologist at Springhouse Dermatology & Aesthetics.
Robyn Graham learned first-hand how to manage her own anxiety in order to build her dream business - and she can help you too.
Sue Rocco sits down with Angela Val, the new CEO of Visit Philadelphia to learn why she is the right woman for the job.
Sandra Clark, the new CEO of StoryCorps shares a bit of her own life story on this week's Women to Watch with Sue Rocco
Renee Williams is the Executive Director of the National Center for Victims of Crime - how they maneuver the complicated justice system on this week's episode of Women to Watch!

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