PHOTOS: Jim Gardner reports from Argentina

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Thursday, August 20, 2015
Getting ready for Action News at 11 - Live from a rooftop in Buenos Aires.
Touring the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary in Buenos Aires.
Sitting down at the Islamic Center of Argentina.
Reporting live from Argentina.
This modest bedroom once belonged to Jorge Bergoglio, now known as Pope Francis. We visited where he once lived & worked.
Evita still has a towering presence over Buenos Aires.
We stopped by in Bueno Aires. Lots of his favorite Tango music.
The street out hotel is on, waiting for our car to take us out for one last day of shooting.
Getting ready for Action News at 11 from our hotel room in Buenos Aires.
This is our live location when the sun is still up. But it's winter and an hour later, it will be dark on TV.
Pontifan cheers for his Buenos Aires team at Estadio Pedro Bidegain for Sunday’s San Lorenzo match.
Maybe the pope hasn't left Argentina.  Action News watches soccer with the Pontifan in Buenos Aires.
Fans of San Lorenzo mob Pontifan - the other “pope” who cheers on this Buenos Aires team.
Soccer fans pack Estadio Pedro Bidegain for Sunday’s San Lorenzo match.  The team’s most famous fan is Pope Francis
Getting ready for the start of the San Lorenzo match on Sunday in Buenos Aires.
A conversation with Father Martin Duran at the church of St. Frances Cabrini in Buenos Aires.
Maria Martha grew up with Archbishop Bergoglio as a father figure. She gets choked up talking about missing him.
Over there is Eva Peron.
The Obelisko in the distance.
Don't cry for me Argentina, bow wow...
Rush hour in Buenos Aires. Nothing is different!
Residents of Villa 21 Slums invites Jim Gardner to join in a game of cards. He wasn’t sure of the game but had fun.
Cards on the sidewalk with residents of the Villa 21 Slums.
Action News photographer Mike walking through the Villa 21 Slum, where Cardinal Bergoglio worked in Buenos Aires.
Children of all ages and backgrounds just want a ball and a place to play, as we saw in the poor Villa 21 Slums.
This plaque marks the spot where a young Jorge Bergoglio and his friends played soccer and other games growing up.
Good morning from Argentina.
The Martinos invited Action News to lunch in Argentina. They're coming to Phila. They've heard of SEPTA.
We're with the Martino family in Buenos Aires, and they're coming to see their Pope Francisco!
This is a church inside the Villa 21 Slums where priests continue to minster to the needy as Cardinal Bergoglio did.
Padre Toto, a priest in Villa 21, gives Action News a tour of the church that does so much for the poor.
Retracing the steps of a young Jorge Bergoglio, when he chose the church of his friends, a life changing decision.
Outside the home where Jorge Bergoglio was born in the the Flores section of Buenos Aires.
The City of Buenos Aires gave Action News a special tour of Pope Francis’s neighborhood.
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PHOTOS: Jim Gardner reports from ArgentinaGetting ready for Action News at 11 - Live from a rooftop in Buenos Aires.

As Philadelphia gets ready for the papal visit, Jim Gardner is in Buenos Aires, Argentina visiting the places and people that helped form Pope Francis' views and faith.