Ohm in Terminal 4 - airport yoga catching on

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

LONDON, U.K. (WPVI) -- The world's busiest airports are now catching onto a simple concept - that harried travelers need an oasis of calm.

Last year, Heathrow Airport in London, Europe's busiest, opened a temporary yoga room.

It's been so successful, it's now a larger, permanent feature.

"It's very tranquil, it has light colors, says Burt Goren, of Skyteam alliance, an airline cooperative which includes Delta,

The concept of yoga rooms is such a hit, Skyteam is about to open ones in Sydney, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

The concept is even taking to the skies.

"We have one dedicated video which will be used by mosgt of our member airlines on board our in-flight entertainment system where people can actually practice yoga during their flight in their seat," says Goren.

Travelers like Gillie Coghlan say the yoga room was a welcome diversion.

"I've had a lot of days in airports the last few days and there's lots of wasted time usually and stress, and shopping and eating so its great to come somewhere and relax," she says.

In the U.S., Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco, and Chicago's O'Hare airport all have yoga rooms, too.

Yoga won't make delays go away, but a session there might make them easier to endure.