Your Life: New trends for new looks without surgery

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Your Life: New trends for new looks without surgery
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Those in search of staying young might turn to a doctor or a surgeon for help.

Those in search of staying young might turn to a doctor or a surgeon for help.

But there are three new trends designed to refresh your look without surgery or a long recovery process.

"Everyone wants an improvement, but they don't want a huge downtime; they don't want the risk everyone is scared whenever you see these actors in Hollywood looking different," Dr. John Lee said.

Dr. Lee, a plastic surgeon, says a new procedure called InstaLift is an in-office procedure that gives patients a more natural looking lift, but with very little risk and almost no down time.

"It's a needle that goes into the face and the sutures kind of lock in and pull back," Dr. Lee said.

The results are immediate, but not permanent. The sutures last about 18 months.

Dr. Lee says he prefers temporary treatments because, in most cases, they are reversible and can be adjusted as you age and your skin and needs change.

Aging isn't the only reason people are looking for improvements.

"I'm looking for something a little more dramatic to really fix my skin," Olivia Paoletti of Center City said.

So Paoletti is trying microneedling to diminish scars caused by acne and a serious car accident. Dr. Lee uses a pen-like instrument with very fine needles that penetrate the skin.

"It creates a very controlled wound and what that wound does is allows your body to produce collagen," Dr. Lee said.

There is very little downtime, mostly swelling and redness and it takes several months and several treatments to see results, but they are noticeable. Patients will have to come back once or twice a year for maintenance.

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And from microneedling to microblading - giving the illusion of real hair.

That's the goal of this beauty trend that is replacing eyebrow extensions and permanent tattoos. The technique involves implanting cosmetic semi-permanent pigment after the creation of fine incisions in the skin.

The shape and color can be adjusted for each person.

Microneedling lasts about two years.

With all of these procedures, it is important to find a doctor or licensed professional that is specifically trained in each technique.