WHO triples safe sex period for travelers to Zika regions

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016
VIDEO: UN changes guidance about sex for travelers to Zika zones
The U.N. health agency is changing its advice to travelers returning from areas facing a Zika virus outbreak.

The World Health Organization is beefing up its recommendation for couples to practice safe sex in order to prevent the spread of Zika virus.

The new recommendation says couples should abstain or use contraceptives for SIX months if EITHER has traveled to an area affected with Zika virus.

And the recommendation applies, even if they have no symptoms.

The prior guideline had only applied to men and was for 8 weeks.

Experts say they're taking into account new research and want to give people information to help prevent a Zika infection during pregnancy.

About 80-percent of people infected with the virus will NOT have symptoms.

But if a fetus is exposed, Zika can cause devastating birth defects.

And officials in Florida announced seven more cases of Zika spread by local mosquitoes.

Six are in the Miami Beach area.

This brings the total to 56 NON-travel related cases in the state.