FYI Philly Wedding Special

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January 24, 2009 5:07:59 PM PST
How members of the Action News team met their spouses.Karen Rogers

How Karen met Kevin

Kevin and I got married in the chapel at Rutgers University. Kevin was the first man I ever met in college! I was a freshman and Kev was a senior. We married about 8 years after that day. I often joke that I had simply planned to marry the first man I met at Rutgers. Kevin was my resident advisor, confidant and friend. I think it really was love at first sight. Every time I saw him in the dorm I turned a funny shade of purple. It was so embarrassing! It's amazing we ever got together, because after a while I just avoided him for fear of turning purple again!! We finally started dating just before Kevin graduated later that year. When I look at our three beautiful children, I feel that they are tangible signs that Kevin and I were indeed meant to be together.

Karen's Wedding Day: "I saved a bundle!"

My husband Kevin and I paid for our own college and wedding, so we were trying to cut costs. I found that using our friends' talents was a perfect way to save some money and make our wedding day even more special. A friend of mine happened to design and make bridal gowns out of her house. She was generous enough to make one for me as a wedding gift! I could have never afforded the beautiful gowns I tried on in the bridal shops and really didn't know what to do. I was so thrilled to have someone I know put such love and care into my gown. It means the world to me!

I also have a friend who likes to arrange flowers. Again, she does this on the side in her own home. She made my flower arrangements. I got married in a chapel at Rutgers University. The chapel is booked with weddings all day long! I tried to call the bride whose wedding was booked just before mine to see if we could share the flowers in the church. (She never returned my calls, but I think that's a good tip!)

We have very talented and musical friends from my old pageant days. Our friends Deborah Dalfonso and her husband Jim sang beautifully at the church. Our friend Caryn and her husband also sang and I think played the flute as people were entering the church.

Instead of hiring a videographer, a girlfriend's brother took a video and edited it right in the camera. Believe it or not, a friend of ours gave us a photographer for the day. She had booked him for a wedding, but she broke off the wedding and was mad she still had to pay the photographer. So, she just transferred the contract to us! That was another generous gift.

My sisters were my bridesmaids and my best friend, Monica, was my maid of honor. None of them wanted to wear those poofy, frilly, million dollar dresses. Instead, we went to Macy's One Day Sale. We managed to get every size we needed even though there were 6 of them! I think the dresses were under $35.00. They owe me big time for that!

Our invitations were beautiful. I ordered them from a discount magazine and my sister did the calligraphy to address them.

I saved money on everything I could because I really wanted to spend the money on a beautiful reception. Kevin's one of 7 and I'm one of 10 and we have a million first cousins - so it was big!! But, we booked it for Mother's Day Weekend and got a huge discount!

Looking back, it's amazing how many people pitched in to make our special day even more memorable - and certainly more affordable!

Tamala Edwards

How Tam met Rocco:

I met Rocco because of Channel Six! Matt and I had a great time learning to dance as a morning show adventure, so I was looking for something else to do. At Miel Patisserie, near my then-home in Center City, I saw an advertisement for chocolate making classes. We arranged to go out to Cherry Hill one morning to learn how to make fine candies. I remember it was a cold morning and I was secretly cursing the assignment as a I walked up to the shop. I expected a harried, sweaty European chef twenty years older who thought American tv was beneath him. But then I walked in and saw a handsome young man with a shy smile and kind eyes. It was like I was momentarily bolted to the floor.

I spent the next few hours trying to flirt and find out if he was married or had a girlfriend. I had to return to pick up the chocolates a few days later and tried to subtly invite him out. When that didn't work, and at the behest of friends, I called and more clearly invited him out again. Finally, a few weeks after we met, we had our first dinner together. Six months later, we'd be back in the same spot for our wedding dinner!

Rob Jennings

This is a picture of Karen and me on our blissful day nearly 23-years ago! It was July 5th, 1986, and they had had a big fireworks show for us the night before on the 4th! Our daughter Becca was born 2-years later, and our son, Rob was born on our anniversary in'91!

Lisa Thomas Laury

How Lisa met Bill

Bill, (my husband of 28 years....29 this July)....and I, met on a blind date set up by my colleague and co-hort Vernon Odom.... We talked on the phone, and for a first date, Bill asked me to meet him after work at the Moshulu at Penns Landing........I had a live shot that night, and was an hour late......he was pretty annoyed when I arrived, and just about ready to leave, but we ended up having dinner, then traveling to Delaware to see my friend, Lou Rawls perform in Wilmington. Afterward, we had something to eat at the all-night coffee shop in the Marriott....across the street from Channel Six...(where Chops is now located.)

Vernon....and a host of colleagues and friends from Phila. traveled to Charleston W.Va. for our wedding on July 12th, 1980.. Action News Cameraman, Lou Lozada.....was there....with his wife Nilsa....The reception was on the PA Denny Sternwheeler on the Kanawha rained...(actually it stormed), but we didn't mind...we partied hard! My brothers, Tom, Tim and Ted were there with my mom and dad....Bill's parents are deceased, but his brother came, along with his Aunt Nellie, and many cousins and other relatives.

Amy Buckman

How Amy met Terry

My husband, Terry, and I met at a Valentine's Day party at his fraternity, ZBT, at Northwestern University. I was there with one of his fraternity brothers. He was out at a sorority formal with another girl for the early part of the evening. I accidentally knocked out a contact lens and needed cleaning solution. My date found out that Terry was the only guy in the house who wore hard contact lenses and therefore had the right kind of solution. He borrowed it for me. When Terry got back from the formal, I met him and thanked him. The next day at the library, I gave him some candy as a "thank you." We talked a bit... and by the fraternity's Spring formal, we were a couple. We married a year after I graduated, on October 24, 1987. The guy I had originally gone to the Valentine's Day party with was one of our groomsmen!

Walter Perez

How Walter met Rita

I met my wife when I was the color commentator for the Princeton Football Radio Network. I announced I was leaving the network to start my TV career when Princeton University's Sports Information Director came to me in a panic. He said I HAVE to meet his sister-in-law. I said, "Sorry, I don't do set ups." He then said his wife had been pestering him to introduce us for years, and if I left the network without him performing that introduction, his wife would find creative ways to make him sorry. I took pity on the fellow and went to his house on the way back from the Dartmouth game to meet Rita. I fell madly in love that day, and I love her even more today.