CEO's plea to keep jobs

February 11, 2009 6:49:59 AM PST
Steven Korman owns real estate all over the city, in North Jersey and in New York. He's recently placed an advertisement in the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer, not to help his business, but to urge other executives to resist layoffs.

The bills continue to pile up for Deborah Jackson. After being laid off in August, the single mother of two can't find a job, her home is in foreclosure and she worries about her family's future.

"I'm scared. I'm petrified because I've used all of my sources. I have no more money in bank, I live day to day on prayer."

But the CEO of Plymouth Meeting based Korman Communities is trying to make sure fewer families go through such a painful ordeal.

Steven Korman has placed an ad in local and national publications. The ad, aimed at CEO's, reads in part..."we are not just dealing with numbers and profits but with real people and real families."

"Every job we save is a person going home to their families telling them I have a job and our children are alright," Korman said.

Korman understands some businesses must lay off employees to survive but it angers him when companies simply do it for the bottom line to satisfy large shareholders. He believes it's not only inhumane but often a bad business decision.

"I think you come off much stronger by saying our competition is letting their employees go but we're not," he explained. "We'll make more money for you because our employees are trained and loyal."

Beside the recent ad, Korman is also pushing his idea by writing the CEO's of the 17 Fortune 500 companies in which he owns stock and one to President Barack Obama.

His message certainly resonates with Deborah Jackson. She just hopes there's another Steven Korman out there ready to hire.

"I'm baffled right now because the unemployment I'm receiving it's at it's end, it's at its end right now and I don't know where the next dollar is coming from."

Korman paid $16,000 for the ads. But said if his plea will save just a few jobs it'll be worth it.

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